About us

hello@zoox-collective.com / ☎ +44 (0)7547 523740 

ZOOX* is an artist collective formed in May 2015 whose current members are Georgie Brinkman and Alex Wight. Although currently based in the UK, we predominantly form our practice through participation in artist residencies and travel to other cultures, particularly by visiting and exploring island-based or remote communities. We often create cross-disciplinary artworks by collaborating with individuals from other fields, such as scientists and musicians. In 2017 we founded our own artist residency in London - Academy AiR - that commissions an emerging video artist to create a new work using the facilities and stock at Academy Costumes, one of the UK’s leading costumiers for screen and theatre.

* Zoox(anthellae) are microscopic algae that exist symbiotically with coral. In exchange for access to sunlight, zoox provide coral with energy and colour.

 In a time where it is said to be easier to imagine the end of the natural world than the end of capitalism, we want to explore contemporary relationships to the environment. Through our practice we examine how human-nature connections are mediated by technology, often by creating audio-visual installations that use sound as a medium for experience. Our work comments on how as city-dwellers many of us accept an image, video or live-stream as a substitute for physical experience, and as such our connection to the natural world is frequently experienced at a distance, and through a screen blurring the lines between reality and simulation. At the same time, our work draws reference to how technology is influenced by, and replicates, the natural world.