ZOOX* is an artist collective whose current members are Georgie Brinkman and Alex Wight. Although based in the UK, we predominantly form our practice through participation in artist residencies and travel to other cultures, particularly by visiting and exploring island-based or remote communities. Our work addresses the symbiosis of technology and ecology, drawing on diverse themes of biomimicry, species extinction, mythology and human intervention in the environment. We often create research-based and cross-disciplinary artworks by collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as scientists and musicians.

Recent projects include an ongoing AV series with producer Yuki Ame, a collaboration with Dr Gabrielle Sosso at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, working with an ancient choir in rural Spain as part of a residency in Experimental Sound at La Postiza, and a research trip to seek extinct avian populations on a South Pacific Island as part of a residency at Culture at Work, Australia.

Alongside ZOOX Georgie curates a London-based residency for emerging artists working with moving image called The New Flesh. Alex founded and manages record label Sticky Buttons.

* Zoox(anthellae) are microscopic algae that exist symbiotically with coral. In exchange for access to sunlight, zoox provide coral with energy and colour.