Georgie Brinkman and Alex Wight work under the moniker ZOOX*. Through our collaborative projects we raise questions around the impact of socio-political conditions on ecosystems. We make use of technology to question its role in mediating environmental experiences, and look for the potential for this to marry with ancient perceptions of ‘nature’ that aren’t rooted in human exceptionalism. Often deriving from musical or sound-based origins, our works commonly tell stories of species extinction through new mythologies as a way to question what it means to be human in a time of profound global change.

Our work is characterised by collaboration with other practitioners, such as musicians, ornithologists and botanists. We consider working with rural or island-based communities an important aspect of our practice, and we are particularly interested in using artist residencies as a mode of cultural exchange and mobility.

Recent projects include a creating an audio walk to listen to the DNA of extinct plants species as part of a residency in the Tatra Mountains in Poland, a collaboration with alt-pop band Jadu Heart telling the story of a relationship between Jim Morrison and an extinct lizard, and a research trip to seek extinct avian populations on a South Pacific Island as part of a residency in Australia.

Alongside their collective work, Georgie runs a London-based residency program, The New Flesh, that explores the intersection of costume and moving image, and Alex co-runs a record label, Sticky Buttons. Georgie is currently studying an MA in Artistic Research at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL), where both artists currently live and work.

* Zoox(anthellae) are microscopic algae that exist symbiotically with coral. In exchange for access to sunlight, zoox provide coral with energy and colour.