All was plant! All was joy!


Video on monitor, artificial vines, artificial lichen, artificial woodchip, artifical vine, plant wire.

This piece was developed during our residency at Pscheuench and exhibited at ‘Letting Objects Speak’, SET, London. We were supported by a grant from the European Cultural Foundation.

A series that imagines a speculative future where plants and machines become a symbiotic and conscious society during experiments at Flora Robotica, an EU-funded initiative to hybridise plants and robots.

‘All was plant! All was joy!’ is the first of a triptych of short films that each cast three extinct (in the wild) Polish plants as their central protagonists. Facilitated by their newly formed connection with machines, the extinct plants are able to send beyond-the-grave messages. Addressing the endangered plants left in the area, they advise them how to avoid a similar demise, offering survival techniques against humans in three stages - intoxicate, assimilate, spread.

Senecio Umbrosus is the guide for stage one, who encourages the endangered plants to reveal themselves as hallucinogenic ‘Supreme Vitality Herbs’ so that they may become revered as saints by humans. In the afterlife he is housed in a custom built kaplizcka, the small shrines found on homes around Poland that contain effigies of religious figures, and musically accompanied by an excerpt of ‘Heavenly Flower’ by Colin Offord.

We met with researchers from Krakow University at the Institute of Nature Conservation in Zakopane who allowed us to create a photogrammetric model of their single specimen of Senecio Umbrosus, the last one known to be alive in Poland.

Installation shots of ‘All was plant! All was joy!’at Letting Objects Speak, SET, London

A precursor video to the triptych series envisaged as a kind of advertisment.