This work was made during a residency in Experimental Sound at La Postiza, Spain, and was exhibited at Centro Párraga as part of Sonora II Sound Festival.

 During our time in La Cueva (the village in which La Postiza is based) we were thinking of ways to listen to the landscape, both physically and metaphorically. The most prominent aspect of the environment here is the towering remnants of the cave that was mined to destruction in order for locals to build homes. They redistributed the landscape and reconstructed it to house their families, their memories and their lives. We are interested in thinking of the stories, sounds, music and emotions that these rocks have been witness to, imagining that these memories are absorbed and stored inside the rocks. By redistributing the landscape into a gallery space, they appear to reference traditional sculpture but paradoxically challenge this by asking to be touched in order to activate the work.

One of the oldest musical traditions in the 'huerta' of Murcia is the singing brothers of 'Los Auroros' who sing polyphonic and monastic chants in the early hours of the morning, historically visiting house to house around villages. We worked with Los Auroros de Santa Cruz to record their traditional salves that have resonated through the landscape for centuries. You can read more about their history here, and about our time spent together here.

Press - “When the stones speak”, La Verdad (Spanish language newspaper).

Installation shots of Aurora

Photographs from our time with Los Auroros