4-channel generative audio piece, 4 rocks from mined cave, plinths, Arduino.

This work was made during a residency in Experimental Sound at La Postiza, Spain, and was exhibited at Centro Párraga as part of Sonora II Sound Festival.

During a residency focussing on Experimental Sound at La Postiza we lived in a village called La Cueva, meaning ‘the cave’. The village is named after the towering remnants of a cave that was mined to destruction by locals to build homes. This redistribution of the landscape to create environments to house families and their lives led us to imagine if the rocks could absorb the memories they had been witness to.

Activated by human touch ‘Aurora’ suggests sonic memories embedded within rocks collected from La Cueva, through the music of UNESCO protected choir, Los Auroros. A local, ancient tradition, the male choir historically visited village houses in the early hours of the morning to sing polyphonic chants. We visited Los Auroros during one of their rehearsals, and recorded the four main components of their music - vocals, guitar, violin, bells. These were were then allocated to individual rocks when exhibited, allowing gallery visitors to create a unique, generative compositions through their interaction with the work. You can read more about their history here, and about our time spent together here.

Press - “When the stones speak”, La Verdad (Spanish language newspaper).


Installation shots of ‘Aurora’ at Centro Parraga, Murcia (Spain)

Photographs from our collaboration with Los Auroros