Dolina Gąsienicowa


Single-channel audio piece, iPhone, holographic projection of photogrammetric model of the last specimen of Draba Siliquosa, rocks, bark and leaves from Tatra Mountains, artificial lichen.

This piece was developed during a residency at Pscheuench, and was exhibited in associated exhibition ‘Rezultaty Pscheuenchy’ at Pscheuench, Zakopane (Poland). We were supported by a grant from the European Cultural Foundation.

‘Dolina Gąsienicowa’, which translates to Caterpillar Valley, is an installational presentation of a site-specific audio walk created to be listened to along the eponymous hiking trail in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The audio is composed by using software that turns DNA sequences into music. Using the DNA of three plants now extinct in the wild in the Tatra Mountains, the audio walk offers a way to resurrect the plants in an environment they were once found.

This work was made with assistance from scientists at the Institute of Nature Conservation who gave us permission to take photogrammetric models of the last specimens of the extinct in the wild plants they are growing at the Botanic gardens at Zakopane.

Installation shots from Rezaultaty Pscheuenchy, Pscheuench, Zakopane (Poland)