Ezra’s Garden


Jadu Heart commissioned a series of music videos directed by Georgie for their EP Ezra's Garden.

Jadu Heart are an enigmatic alternative-pop duo that create music as the masked, supernatural characters, Dina and Faro. Their music starts life as a written narrative, from which individual tracks grow. To form the foundation for their EP ‘Ezra's Garden’, the pair penned an 80s-inspired, sci-fi tale. They approached us to create an EP-length video interpretation of the unreleased fiction. The five videos can be viewed as individual tracks, or together as an 18 minute short film.

The videos were produced in close collaboration with Jadu Heart over six weeks. Inline with the DIY ethos of the 80s, and to allow this intimate collaboration, the videos were all filmed without the use of a professional set and simply on a coffee table. We set ourselves the task of transporting the viewer to another galaxy using predominantly household objects and a macro lens. Suddenly washing up liquid, Marmite and flour became landscapes of another planet, and these humble items encouraged us to question our perception of the universe at large.

Editing was done vastly in camera, with colours controlled by handheld UV torches.

Press - Kaltblut