La Postiza Noise Orchestra

La Postiza Noise Orchestra was Alex Wight, Johan Sandås, Úrsula Bravo, Pablo López Jordán and Antonio Riquelme with visuals by Georgie Brinkman. It was created during a residency at La Postiza and performed at Sala Mengolero and Centro Párraga as part of the Sonora I & II Sound Festivals.

 As part of our Sound Art residency at La Postiza we worked with other local sound artists to explore the possibilities of improvising with sound. Working in a format similar to an orchestra, we assigned different aspects of sound (rhythm, texture, vocals) to individuals. Most sounds are made from field recordings of the local area that have been processed through computers or samplers. Recordings include bees, fireworks and magicians. Other sounds produced live were created with objects that would not normally be considered conventional instruments such as electrical tubing, cigarette lighters and conch shells. Traditional instruments like drums and guitars also played a role in our experimentation, as their acoustic possibilities are challenged by attaching contact microphones and delay pedals. The vocals performed by Úrsula Bravo explored the sounds of obscure languages, consisting of poetry written in the local panocha dialect, and social and political messages encrypted in binary. For the visuals, Georgie created GIFs from 3D equation graphs that resemble organic forms. These were made audio responsive and were performed and projected live.