The Rehydrated Neo-Goddess
2020 (work in progress)

Video for performance with SHOAL

Please note as this video is still in progress, and the performance will not happen until April, it is currently private. Please enter the password ‘tardigrade’ to watch.

Reawakening (Chen Tin Recruitment)

Video on monitor, mirror turntable, cassiterite from Jiangxi Province, China. 

Installation shot at ‘Remember Me’, Magdelan Road Studios, Oxford.


All was plant! All was joy!

Video on monitor, artificial vines, artificial lichen, artificial woodchip, artificial vine, plant wire.

Installation shot at ‘Letting Objects Speak’, SET, London.


Dolina Gąsienicowa

Single-channel audio piece, iPhone, holographic projection of photogrammetric model of the last specimen of Draba Siliquosa, rocks, bark and leaves from Tatra Mountains, artificial lichen.

Installation shot at ‘Rezultany Pschueunchy’, Pscheuench, Zakopane.


sɪnˈθetɪk səmˈsɑːrə

Two-channel artificial soundscape, MP3 players, speakers, camera mount, iPad stand, PVC, Google maps satellite photograph of Atlantic Ocean, Google maps satellite photograph of Amazon Basin, water from the River Ganges bought on eBay, aquarium decorations, terrarium decorations, artificial lichen.

Installation shot at ‘It Sounds Devicive!’, Bath Fringe Arts, Bath.


Ezra’s Garden




4-channel generative audio piece, 4 rocks from mined cave, plinths, Arduino.


Installation shot at ‘Sonora II Festival’, Centro Parraga, Murcia.