3D data visualisation

We were invited to take part in Creative Reactions, an initiative run by UCL to connect scientists with artists. This series was developed during our collaboration and exhibited as part of the Pint of Science festival in London, 2017.

Experimental data visualisation showing the potential energy of virtual water as it freezes. Made in collaboration with the London Centre for Nanotechnology, the visualisation references the practical applications of theoretical physicist Dr. Gabriele Sosso’s computational research into how water freezes.

His data is used to inform research into climate change, the efficient freezing of human organs, improving crop yield and how to develop a water supply on Mars. We used 3D models to represent each aspect of his research, which were manipulated by a live feed of potential energy data points. As Gabriele’s virtual water freezes (and the potential energy becomes lower), the movement of the 3D models becomes less volatile, and their true form becomes more visible.

Press - exhibition discussed on BBC Worldservice, radio show now unavailable online.

Installation shots and video stills from a ‘Pint of Science’, Juju’s, London (UK)