We were invited to take part in Creative Reactions, an initiative run by UCL to connect scientists with artists. This series was developed during our collaboration and exhibited as part of the Pint of Science festival in London, 2017.

We were partnered with Dr. Gabriele Sosso at the London Centre of Nanotechnology, whose main focus of research is to study how water freezes. Whilst visiting Gabriele we were particularly fascinated to learn that as a theorist he only builds computational models as opposed to studying any physical materials. We explored this idea of simulating water through code to develop a live visualisation of the data points of the potential energy of Gabriele’s virtual water as it freezes.

We were very interested in the practical implications of Gabriele's research, for example how his data can inform climate change research, the freezing of organs for donation, improving crop production and how to develop a water supply when we colonise Mars. We referenced these applications in developing our visuals, by taking 3D models of an iceberg, a heart, barley and the planet Mars, and manipulating their movement and aesthetics with the potential energy data. As Gabriele’s virtual water freezes (and the potential energy becomes lower), the movement of the 3D models becomes less volatile, and their true form becomes more visible.

The series will soon be available to download as a set of screensavers.